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14 Oct 2013 

Gas Boiler Review

††††††††††† It
is nice to have a warm fireplace during the winter, but sometimes the heat that
it gives off only warms the room in which it is installed.This is the case with the fireplace that we
have.Although we like to spend time
around the fireplace, we have other places in the home that we live in and have
to be in order to do certain things (like cooking food in the kitchen).So it is nice to know that we have our boiler
system installed to provide the extra heat we need for rooms that are far away
from the fireplace.

††††††††††† We
have had our boiler system for years now and we havenít seemed to have many
problems.The system we have is connected
to a Dunkirk Gas Boiler.It has been a
reliable boiler for years and heats our home to a comfortable temperature.Since it is powered by natural gas, it is
very efficient and inexpensive to run.
We have dealt with other types of heating in the past (such as electrical
wall units) and running on natural gas is just a lot less expensive to run.

††††††††††† The
controllers and thermostat on the boiler is easy to get to and if I ever need
to find replacement parts, I know I can find the information I need right on
the boiler.I can search the model
number and find all of the parts and components that I would need if anything
ever failed or just wears out.

††††††††††† Each
time the cold weather comes, I know that we will be ready for it.We donít have to worry about our home being
too cold and about pipes freezing to cause problems.With our reliable system, we have the warmth
and the control of the temperature of our home that we need.

††††††††††† Sometimes
I wonder what it would be like to have a different type of heating system
and/or the way the heat is dispersed throughout the home.I have talked to other people who have other
types of systems and it seems like I just wouldnít want to deal with them.Some of them talk about how nice their
central heating systems are, but a common complaint is that it drives their
electric bill up during the cold months that they have to run it.Others who have wall units have the same
complaint; their electric bill is just too high.

††††††††††† Boilers
are versatile and can be used in different ways.The system can be set up to run through
radiators, pipes that are found within walls or floors of the home, and other
applications in commercial structures.
They come in different sizes and capacities to fit the need of any
family or commercial establishment in which they are installed.They can use water or other sources of fuel
in order to heat the building (whether residential or commercial) that it is
being used for.It can be a very
efficient way to provide the heat needed during cold days!

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28 Sep 2013 

Leaking Electric Water Heater

††††††††††† When you are dealing with plumbing, many different problems can arise.Some fixes are easily handled, but there are some that are a little more tricky.One example is leaking electric water heater.It is more complex because there are a number of things that could be happening.Some of these problems can be easily fixed with a replacement part or two, while bigger problems lead to replacing the entire unit.

††††††††††† The first and most important thing to do is to determine what is leaking.A good place to start is the Temperature and Pressure (T&P) relief valve.This valve could be stuck, overheating, or there may be too much pressure on it.You can turn down the thermostat to see if that fixes your problem.You can also try draining out the T&P valve, making sure there isnít any junk left in it.If it continues to leak, you may just need to replace the valve itself.



††††††††††† You can also look at the drain pipe attached to the valve, it is possible that it has cracked and that it needs to be replaced.Check all other pipes and connections around the water heater to make sure it isnít something that isnít part of the actual water heater.

††††††††††† The next places to look would be the heating elements and gaskets that are on the internal part of the water heater.Before doing this, make sure that you shut off the power to the water heater to avoid the risk of electric shock.There should be some access panels that can be taken off with a screwdriver.Once the access plates are off, you may have to push some insulation off to the side to see the components of the water heater.Doing this can also help you detect if water is leaking.



The problem could be a little gasket or a heating element.Try tightening the bolts around the element and if this doesnít work, you may need a new gasket.If you need to remove an element or anything that goes straight into the tank of the water heater, you will need to drain the water from the unit to avoid any water from leaking when you take out the part.Most parts on water heaters are replaceable and can be found at your local supply house.Replacing individual parts on the water heater will save you hundreds of dollars (since you wonít have to buy a new water heater).

If you have tried all of these things and the problem still hasnít been fixed or you have determined that the tank is leaking (caused by corrosion and years of use), then you will have to spend the money for a new water heater.The tanks of water heaters are built to last 10-15 years, but like all things, they can and will wear out eventually.

Unless the problem is obvious, it is always a good idea to investigate the leak and try to find its source.It may take some time, but it will save you a lot of money.

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12 Sep 2013 

Our Gas Fireplace, Convenient & Ready To Go

It seems that the fall weather decided to come
early this year.It seems like we have
only had a few days that actually felt like summer and it appears that there
wonít be many more warm days ahead.A
couple of the days have got to the point that we needed to turn on the
fireplace.Luckily for us we have our Majestic
Vermont Castings gas fireplace.Why do I
say luckily?Let me tell you why.

††††††††††† The
other day after getting off of work and being outside in the cold weather long
enough for me to feel chilly, all I had to do was walk up to the fireplace, flip
a switch, and just like that-the fireplace turned right on!Within a matter of minutes the cold feeling
left my body and was replaced by a warm sensation.Having the fireplace also helps me to relax
after a hard day at work.I just flip
the switch, grab the newspaper and relax as I forget about the workday. However, it hasnít always been this easy for
me to warm up and relax.



††††††††††† Some
years ago, we lived in a house where there was no central heat and the source
of warmth was a wood burning fireplace.
There are certain things that I like about wood burning fireplaces, but
they seem to just be a lot of work!
Instead of coming home and flipping a switch, I had to first go outside,
open up the shed and find some firewood (which meant more time spent outside
getting colder by the minute).Then, it
would take much longer for the fire to get going and to warm up the house.

††††††††††† In
addition to this, if we didnít have any firewood handy, I had to either go and
buy some for a ridiculous price, or find some wood to cut myself.I donít mind swinging an axe to split some logs
every once in a while or on a Saturday when Iím not working, but if I come home
after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is cut firewood.Not to mention how axes wear out overtime;
the handle splits, the blade needs to be sharpened, etc.

††††††††††† With
my gas fireplace, I donít have to worry about all these things!The fuel is natural gas; so no more splitting
logs, aching hands and back, or going outside to get firewood.All I do now is pay a little extra each month
on my gas bill while my house gets nice and toasty warm.Iím not an environmentalist or anything, but
I feel better about not using up so much wood and being able to save some trees
in the process.On top of that, I donít
have to clean out the ashes that are produced with a wood fireplace, so less
time is spent on work and more time is spent with my family around the warmth
of the fireplace.Looking back, I just
donít know how I lived without a gas fireplace!

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31 Aug 2013 

Different Types of Pumps Explained

In the plumbing and irrigation industry, there are many different types and uses for pumps.With so many different options, it can be confusing to know which pump
to get for different applications in and out of the home.The purpose of this article is to explain many of the different pumps and their uses.

Sump pumps are installed in the basement of homes to remove any water that may leak in from the outside of the house.They come in two different types; submersible
and upright.A submersible pump can be placed inside the sump basin (where the water collects). When water comes to a certain level a ball float system turns on the pump to expel the water from the home to prevent flooding. An upright pumpís motor sits outside of the basin while the pump is on the inside.The pump is also turned on by a ball float in the basin.It is important to keep the
motor dry, as it has not be designed for aquatic conditions.

††††††††††† Condensate pumps are used in conjunction with a cooling or heating system.It removes the condensate that has been produced while the system runs.The water is drained away from the home to be disposed properly (since it is not safe for consumption, many particles and other objects come in from the system). This pump isnít always running but it turns on when a certain amount of
condensate has collected in a tank of the pump. The pump is also activated by a float switch system.The water is pumped out by a plastic impeller that is at the bottom of the pump.

Transfer pumps are one of the more commonly used types of pumps.Not only does the type of pump transfer water, some specialty pumps can transfer other types of liquids (such as
gasoline and oil).A pressure difference created in the pump is what makes it possible for the water to be transferred.These pumps are most commonly used to remove
flood water from basements.They can also be used for sprinkler systems and other irrigation applications.This pump can be activated automatic or manually.

Jet pumps are used to transfer water from a well to be used for purposes above the surface.Most of these pumps only go down to a depth of twenty five feet, these are called
shallow well pumps.However, if water runs under twenty five feet there are deep well pumps. The water is drawn out as a vacuum is created (called the Venturi Effect) by priming

the pump with a small amount of water.These pumps are fairly inexpensive and can be adapted for various depths.They are also built to be durable so that they can pump water

that has rocks and other debris in it.

To find where to buy pumps and replacement parts visit:

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09 Aug 2013 

Where to buy Danze Faucets

When it comes to looking for a new faucetówhether it be for your kitchen, bathroom, or utility roomóit can be a long and frustrating task.† The purpose of this post today is to shorten your process of finding a faucet by sharing the shortcuts I found on my own search for some new Danze bathroom faucets.

About four or five months back my wife and I decided that we wanted to update our bathroom fixtures.I wasnít too sure where to start but I did have a friend who is a plumber who had offered his help in the past.I contacted him and told him of our plans to update our bathroom fixtures and asked him if he had a specific brand that he would recommend.He asked me if I knew what brand I currently had in my bathroom and I told him that I had no idea.He then said to me that he really liked Danze Faucets and that they had been very dependable for him throughout the years.He also came over and told me the things that I needed to look for when I needed a new faucet; the measurements
and type of existing valves.He offered to install the faucets for me once I got them, but I told him that I would like to get the experience and put them in myself.

I visited a few plumbing stores that had showrooms in town and got some bids on new faucets.After a long exhausting Saturday of visiting
these stores, I sat down with my wife to compare prices and to decide what we wanted to do.We both decided that we should do a little more looking and that a good place to continue our search would be the internet.

I got on my default search engine and typed in ďDanze bathroom faucetsĒ and started my search.As expected, many sites came up and an array of many different styles and prices on Danze faucets.I was able to click on a ďShoppingĒ tab that automatically sorted the faucets bythe lowest price first.I got out my bids from the local plumbing stores and searched for the specific faucets that they had quoted me and that
my wife and I both liked.

As I searched for each one, I kept finding a trend that the prices were lower on the internet, and that another site kept popping up.It was†at and it had a large selection of and great prices on Danze faucetsónot just bathroom faucets, but kitchen and laundry faucets too! I showed my wife what I had found and the only thing she liked better than the website was the prices!


We ordered the faucets that we wanted (which arrived very quickly) and we were very pleased with the quality of them for the price that we paid!Unfortunately for me, I lost the instructions to the bathroom sink faucet, I probably threw them away on accident when I was cleaning up after installing the tub and shower faucet we ordered.No problem!I was able to go back to the website where I found the Userís and Installation Manual!If you are looking for a Danze Faucet, look no further than!

Tip: If you need help knowing how to remove your old faucets, go here:
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