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March 2014
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14 Mar 2014 

Commercial vs. Residential

When it comes to products in
plumbing and other related fields, there are parts designed for residential
applications and other parts designed for commercial applications.I used to think that it was an unnecessary
thing to do, until I really stopped to think about it.For example, think about a bathroom in
someoneís home, as compared to a public bathroom in a restaurant or a
mall.In the home you are more likely to
find only one toilet per bathroom, most faucets in them are lever type faucets
that you can control the flow and temperature of the water, and most have a
bathtub, shower, or a combination of the two.

Then compare that to a
bathroom in a mall.When you walk into
to the Menís bathroom, for example, you will usually see two or more urinals,
and then a lot more toilets, all separated by stalls.There are usually two or more sinks with
automatic faucets installed on them.The
faucets will only turn on if you place your hands under them.Many of the toilets also have an automatic
flushing system.When dealing with a
public bathroom, it makes sense to make almost everything automated.It helps decrease waste of water, paper
towels, and soap.It also eliminates
human waste products from sitting in the urinal or other toilet for extended
periods of time.

It would be rare to find a
urinal in a residential bathroom or a toilet that has an automatic flushing
system installed.I personally do not
like automatic faucets and wouldnít want one installed in my bathroom.They seem to take a while longer to turn on
than a regular faucet and once it starts working, the pressure is so great
sometimes that the water sprays everywhere.
Not to mention the fact that if you donít have your hands in the right
place, the water will shut off before you are done washing off the soap.There have been times, though, when our
grandkids have left the faucet running, that I wish we had an automatic
faucet.I would think this is the reason
that commercial establishments have these types of faucets.

Other commercial products are
useful and needed in places like restaurants that arenít really necessary in someoneís
home.When working in a kitchen at a
restaurant, for example, one of the many duties is being a dishwasher.At the busy times and on the busy days,
dishwashers have to deal with large amounts of dishes.These dishes need to be rinsed somewhere before
they actually go through the dishwasher.
There also needs to be a place where the dirty dishes can be set down so
that they are separate from the clean dishes.
Big commercial stainless sinks were designed for the purpose and do not
look out of place in a restaurant kitchen.
If you had one inside of a residential kitchen, however, it would look a
little strange.It would give the kitchen
a restaurant feel, instead of the peaceful, relaxing feel that a normal kitchen
would give.

††††††††††† So
even though it may not seem necessary to have different types of products for
these two different applications, when you really think about it, you can see
the need for the separation.

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