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February 2014
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26 Feb 2014 

American Standard Kitchen Sinks

My wife and I love to cook together and itís been
something that weíve done throughout our marriage.Our kitchen has a nice set up because we have
our regular two bowl kitchen sink on the main counter and then in an island in
the middle, we have a one bowl kitchen sink.
This is a nice set up to have because when I am doing dishes in the main
sink, my wife can wash off food or wash her hands at the same time, without us
getting into each otherís ways.It also
gives us an area where we can both work when we are preparing food.My wife is much better and faster at cooking
than I am, so when Iím getting something ready, she can get two or three other
components of the meal ready.

Having two separate kitchen sinks has also been nice
for holidays.At Thanksgiving, for
example, there is always a lot of food and different types of food being made
during the day.I usually help by making
the mashed potatoes.I can clean them
off and get them peeled and I wonít be in the way of other family members as
they are preparing other food or trying to get some dishes out of the way by
washing them.This also helps when our daughter-in-laws
are over for dinner and have extra things that they need to use the sink for.The sink in the island is also a good hand
washing station for us before meals, since the bathrooms are a little further
down the hall from the kitchen.

In our old home we were restricted to only one
kitchen sink and it sometimes caused problems.
It was hard for one of us to get some pre-cleanup done while the other
person was trying to prepare food and needed the sink for cleaning food or
washing their hands off.Not to mention
that the sink was inexpensive and had problems.
It cracked in one small part of the sink and started to link and every time
I filled up a large pot with water to soak, it seemed like the sink was going
to snap in half.The sink was also a
drop-in type sink, which made it a little harder to wipe off the counters and
the lip provided an area for mold to grow.

The sinks in our current home are American
Standard kitchen sinks.They seem to be
a lot more durable and have lasted many years without leaks or other
problems.I donít worry when there are
piles of dishes inside of the main sink or when I have a large pan soaking
before it is washed.Both sinks are
undermount type sinks which means that the counters are easy to wipe off and we
donít worry anymore about mold growing around them.Having these sinks has made our time spent in
the kitchen more enjoyable and it helps us to keep things organized and clean!

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20 Feb 2014 

Home Theater

When we first moved into
our home there was one room that was designated as the home theater.† It worked out just fine for the time when we
moved in but as our kids grew up and started having families of their own, we
needed to make some changes.† When we had
get togethers, one of the activities we enjoyed was watching movies, especially
during Christmas time.† We would all cram
into the theater room but there never seemed to be enough seating room.† That sometimes caused some quarrels and
resulted in some unhappy children.

We looked around for some
new ideas, and went to some Home Shows (my wife loves going to them and there
are some pretty cool things to see).† One
home that we went to had a home theater that had separate tiers for
seating.† We found our solution!

We decided the couches
that we wanted to have in and custom built some platforms so that there would
be enough room for the seating and to walk in front of it.† The first step to making this change was to
remove the carpet.† Once this was done,
we started to build the different levels that would house the new couches we
picked out.† We measured out the wood,
cut it, then put it together.

Once the platforms were
built we secured them to the ground.† To
do this we used wood blocks and drilled holes into them that went into the
concrete.† We then used masonry screws to
attach it to the ground.† To finish it
off, we added tack strips around them and installed new carpet.† Now we have enough seating for our family!

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14 Feb 2014 

How to Fix a Peerless Faucet

Having a home means having to keep up that home.In addition to keeping it clean, you will have to make sure that the appliances and other things that keep your home comfortable are functioning properly.We donít pay much attention to many of these things as we use them on a daily basis unless they become broken or they are having some sort of problem.Among these items we use on a daily basis is our faucets; in the kitchen, bathrooms, and sometimes our laundry rooms.We use them to wash our hands, our dishes, and sometimes our clothes, just to name a few of their functions.

When a faucet stops functioning properly, it can cause a number of different problems.It is hard to get your dishes clean if your faucet is leaking out of the handle so much that you canít get enough water to flow out of the spout to be effective.If your bathroom faucet is leaking, not only is water being wasted, but you will hear the constant drip, drip, drip or trickle of water that comes along with the leak.If these problems arenít fixed as soon as possible, they can become worse and can cause other problems that can result in expensive consequences.

When dealing with a kitchen faucet, there can be a few different problems.If the faucet is leaking from the handle, it most likely has to do with something within the unit or as some people refer to them, the ďgutsĒ of the faucet.The least expensive option would be to replace the O-rings on the inside of the unit, if possible, and if this will fix the problem.To do this, turn the water supply valves off that go to the faucet (these are found under the sink).There should be a small hole of the faucet where you can take the handle off by unscrewing it.You will need a small sized Allen Wrench to do this.Once off, you should be able to take out the parts that are inside.Inspect the O-rings to see if they are torn or worn out.If they are, you can take them to your local supply house and match them up with some new ones.

If it appears that the cartridge itself is broken in some way once you have removed it, take it to the supply house to see if they have one in stock.If it isnít in stock, the people working there can usually find and order a new one for you.Once you have the new part, put it back into the faucet, match up the handle to it and screw it back on.The same procedures for the kitchen faucet can be applied to bathroom faucets as well.The biggest difference comes when you are trying to fix a pull-out or side sprayer of a kitchen faucet.Many times, you will just have to order the entire part for this type of fix.Many parts can be found at:

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07 Feb 2014 

How to Use a Rain Bird Sprinkler System

††††††††††† I
remember when we first moved out to the Western United States from back
East.We moved from an area where there
was plenty of moisture (snow during the winter and scattered rain during the
other seasons) to a dry climate where water use is regulated and many times we
are in a drought. One of the biggest
changes was learning about how to use our sprinkler system, something we never
had to use in the East.

††††††††††† We
moved into a home that the previous owners were still living in until we
purchased it.They ran the system up
until the day they moved out which means the lawn still looked great when we
moved in.At first, I didnít realize
that there was a system installed and that it had been turned off.I started to notice that the lawn was looking
a little less green than before so I decided to find out what was going
on.We had a neighbor next door who
brought some of his sons over to help us move in and who had a great looking
lawn, so I decided to talk to him about it.

††††††††††† He
said he noticed that our sprinkler system hadnít been running and that could be
the issue.I told him that I had never
had a sprinkler system in my entire life and never had to worry about watering
the lawn.We went into my garage and
found out that I had a Rain Bird sprinkler controller for the system.It had been unplugged and so none of the
previous settings had been saved.My
neighbor explained to me how to set up watering times, showed me where the
valves for each zone was located, and how everything worked with the system.



††††††††††† The
timer we have is pretty user friendly with a control knob, up and down arrows
to adjust settings, and buttons on the side to select watering days and times.To make sure that the system would run at the
times I needed it to, I turned the dial to the ďSet clockĒ circle, then
proceeded to set the date.Then I was
ready to program the clock for the four zones that our yard has.

††††††††††† To
do this, I turned it to the zone I wanted to program.I then looked on the right side and pushed
buttons to correspond to the days of the week that I wanted to have that zone run
and the number of times it would run.
Using the arrows on the left side of the timer, I was able to program in
the time I wanted the zone to run.On
the right I used the arrows to select the amount of time the zone should
run.Since there are restrictions during
the summer not to have the system on between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., I was able to
set the zone to run once at 7:30 a.m. and again at 8:00 p.m.The timer also allows me to turn the nob the ďOffĒ
position, just in case I want to have a BBQ or other get-together in the
backyard.Keeping my lawn green is easy
with my sprinkler system!

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